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Welcome to Character Builders Online!

Who We Are...
Character Builders' main focus is the rescue of newer and historical architectural elements from properties slated for demolition. Reuse of these items saves them from the landfill and saves the lucky buyer a bunch of bucks over traditional retail! Who knew recycling could be so much fun?

What We Do...
In our spare time, we do it all - from historical building preservation, renovation, consulting & design, to building additions onto older homes that look just like they've been there since Grandma was a girl! We can even build homes that you'd swear had been there 100 years! (But luckily, it won't take nearly that long.)

What We Offer...
Questions, quotes, and a wish list are free, so give us a ring and tell us if there is something special you want or need and we can be on the lookout for it. We're conveniently located in northern Illinois and known to roam southeastern Wisconsin. Plus we can ship our goodies worldwide. So check us out - really, we don't mind!

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