Custom Furniture
Custom Orders and Creations

                                                                                                                                                                                                          "Double Chubby Cabinet" A  perfect fit for a flat screen t.v. and available in  custom sizes to fit any room!  $350.00                                                     "Bed Bench"                     Made from a headboard found in the basement of an old farmhouse. $325.00 (Sold)



 "Mudroom Bench"      Very intricate design with a lid that lifts for storage. $150.00

"Julie's Quilt Cabinet" 

Built from windows and
beadboard from a demolished barn.


"Craftsman Bench"    $75.00 to $95.00  Can be wood top/painted bottom or completely painted - your choice!


"Single Chubby Cabinet" Large end-table sized and made from a 9 pane window and 100+ year old salvaged baseboards.  $250.00

" Hall Tree "                       Created from a beautiful door rescued from a Libertyville tear-down project. The bench size, and the number and placement of the hooks is entirely up to you!!       Painted Door -  $300.00                                     Stained Door -  $400.00 

   "Ornate Hall Tree"     Made from an ornate front door, this piece has storage under the seat, a top shelf, antique door knob plates, and a Victorian lion's head doorknocker-type hook.  $450.00 to $500.00 depending on the door chosen. 


 "Barnwood Table Sets"

Beautiful hand-made reddish colored barnwood tables with lower shelf and working drawer. $225.00 per set - either square or oval tops. Contact us for measurements.



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 We have created many hand-crafted custom pieces  for individual customers' needs. From simple benches to enormous dining room buffets -  all of our pieces are made from salvaged wood whenever possible and come inscribed with a  certificate of origin. Most of the designs you see here are one-of -a-kind and highly unique, but we can replicate them to suit your individual tastes.  Please contact us with your wants, needs, and ideas. We love to hear them!!


"Bathroom Bench"

Perfect for a small  space, giving your kids a bath, or you a pedicure!  $100.00